Moonlight / #HaikuSeed / Feature With Commentary

Featuring haiku written by Anette Chaney for the #HaikuSeed moonlight

in the stirrings
of the moonlight
a dog barking

– Anette Chaney / @chaney_anette


A Few Thoughts On the Haiku

I really liked the phrase ‘in the stirrings of the moonlight‘. The imagery this phrase paints is quite interesting to interpret. The stirrings are not ‘under the moonlight‘ but ‘of the moonlight‘. How can moonlight move anything physically?

You are in a street lit by moonlight. Leaves of trees along the streets stir, true, but a breeze blowing that way would likely be the cause. You look at shadows and moonlit surroundings and wonder if you can recall how the street looked in daylight. That bush there, did it have a brick next to it? This lamppost, was it at the street corner all along? That house you thought was unoccupied has light coming from one of its window. So, then, it is our perception of things that is altered, stirred by moonlight. And as you look around the street, suddenly second guessing your memories, a dog starts to bark. Because for the dog, you are the stirring of the moonlight.


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