Neighbour / #HaikuSeed / Feature With Commentary

Featuring haiku written by Voimaoy for the #HaikuSeed neighbour

surviving the plague years–
waving to my neighbor
across the street

– Voimaoy / @voimaoy


A Few Thoughts on the Haiku

In a Editor’s Garden post about #HaikuSeed neighbour, I talked about haiku involving neighbours having a amusing, witty tone to them. This writer had something else in mind.

In this terrible COVID-19 pandemic that likely affected almost everyone in one way or another, there has been unspeakable suffering and irreparable tragedy. With no end in sight, if you ask anyone but an optimist. It would take some fortitude for people to look back at these past 2 years and pick positive aspects from it. I do not have that fortitude, at least it does not come easily. But reading this haiku was an uplifting experience.

I think it is safe to say that not everyone has talk-everyday sort of relationships with their neighbors, no matter how long they have been neighbors for. Many relationships would likely just be smile-or-nod-on-eye-contact relationships. I maybe wrong, but this applies to me and my neighbors. If you ask an introvert, there is no good reason to bond with neighbors, share pot meals now and then or come together for a dinner on occasion. You are not bothered if your neighbors are moving out, or if they have been away for a month or if they bought a new car. But the pandemic changed that for many I think. This haiku warmly captured an aspect of the human society that has seen minor shift in the positive direction. The once indifferent neighbors now wave at each other. We are still not on talk-everyday relationships but there is mutual compassion now. We are allies surviving the plague years.

I thank the writer for writing and sharing this alleviating haiku.

— Sankara Jayanth Sudanagunta
Founding Editor


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