Sparrow / #HaikuSeed / Feature With Commentary

Featuring haiku written for the #HaikuSeed sparrow

one sparrow —
how big the sky
can be

a pause in the rain
the meadow flooded
with sparrow song

– Luci, @lover__poetic

– Shane Pruett, @HaikuMyBrew

A Few Thoughts on the Haiku

Indeed, how big the sky can be. It takes but a moment of reflection, or observation without distraction, for the sky’s expanse to become daunting. Like when you are lost in thought, getting tired of them, as you walk on the terrace of your house. You look up and the sky is all you see. Thoughts are still clawing at your mind but you continue to stare at the wide blue. A sparrow suddenly darts across the patch of sky visible to you. For a brief moment, the little sparrow pulls all your attention to itself and the sky suddenly explodes into this enveloping thing that you know is big but you now question if you are even capable of perceiving how big the sky can be.

I adore this haiku. What an incredible piece the writer has created. I want to experience this serendipitous scene. Really. This has created such a longing in me to be standing under a tree in the middle of a rolling meadow, taking shelter from the rain, live that moment when the rain pauses and the meadow is flooded with sparrow song.

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