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Featuring three haiku written for the #HaikuSeed age

care home singalong
the hum of forgotten words

– Marilyn Ward, @deer_ward

This beautiful haiku hits too close to home. Just thinking of people forgetting things, losing memories, names of their family, faces of their loved ones due to illnesses like dementia is heartbreaking. Unimaginable even what each party in such ordeals face. The family must overcome the sadness that gushes over them seeing their loved one not recognize them anymore, the bond no longer the same, wondering if it is there is one at all? This haiku packs this whole baggage that comes with memory loss diseases into this sad and beautiful piece set inside a care home. The use of fade is so powerful here. As the haiku itself comes to a close, as the hum of forgotten words fade, the full force of the described moment comes into affect. The haiku makes me sad, but it is incredibly crafted.


the life I didn’t live—
the river branching
away from me

– Pippa Phillips, @IpsaHerself

Regret. Show me an adult who doesn’t have some (don’t point to the rich narcissists). The writer alludes to age by describing this particular existential angst and I love that. It is quite obvious that this is about an adult regretting choices they haven’t made, things they haven’t done, places they haven’t been to, things they haven’t said – all of it a version of their life that branched out and can no longer be realized. The use of a river branching out is a wonderful analogy. The strength of these existential feelings and thoughts only grows with age. The fact that the writer has created this verse for the prompt age makes it doubly brilliant.


saplings growing
around the trunk
of a fallen oak

– Mark Hastings, @Markdoingstuff

At last some light to warm our cold hearts. This haiku is the cycle of life, and of time itself, captured in a precious image.


Sankara Jayanth
Editor, Haiku Seed Journal

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