#HaikuSeed Archive / Monthly / February 2022


in the stirrings
of the moonlight
a dog barking


stars emerging
among the water lilies
a silent frog


Crocus heads blister
the soil, erupting in
purple tenderness


when the great whale
is revealed cell by cell…
low tide


hard rain
on the windowsill
tiny elbows


summer heat
barefoot dancing
with mosquitoes


one sparrow —
how big the sky
can be






departing geese
the flutter of her kimono
in the breeze


again climbing yesterday’s mountain


crisp fall air
piles of leaves
colors burning


house plants
dying by the window
living on the wall


care home singalong
the hum of forgotten words


spring buds pop their heads,
february trickery,
winter snaps, not yet!


early spring
a lone daffodil
fills a field


lake mist
a swan’s fine figure
serenely glides


riding a bike
after the rain
so many frogs


glistening leaf the slug’s long footprint


lightly on my wrist
a mosquito


low tide — the egret’s legs shorter yesterday

– @Silk73507704

Forests of Cicadas 森
There are no songs
until tomorrow.

– @micro_zon

surviving the plague years–
waving to my neighbor
across the street


soaking heat …
I am the fly’s
sip of water


a pause in the rain
the meadow flooded
with sparrow song


peony blossoms
her youth flowering
in a silk kimono


winter clouds
the mountain I didn’t climb
last summer


burning memories
– sake, rice, companions
flying to the moon


a new book
on house plants…
recently widowed


scorching summer noon
a young tree trying to rest
in its own shadow


waters edges seen
peony bending for a
sip of moistened dew


winter flurries
the rush to put on
tiny boots and mittens


counting the years
already half-past
daffodil season


two snow figures
side by side
melting together


childhood games
the tortured frog
limping away



Special Mentions

young frog
taking the place
of the water lily


water lily
in love


shoveling snow …
her very first


low tide —
a constellation of starfish
mirrors the night sky


winter dreams
of blistering summers
how fickle we are


what a view! ants on the windowsill


water lily
drop after drop rolling
down her cheek


mountain rest stop
the balm of christmas cake
and a blister kit


last breath…
at the backyard grave
my blisters and I weep


At low tide, hidden treasure


rock pools at low tides
invite us to say hello
drop in dip a toe


snowflakes in an updraft only grief settling on the windowsill


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