Haiku Horticulture – Submissions

Please read about Haiku Horticulture before submitting your haiku. It is essential that writers understand our motivation behind this initiative and the kind of haiku we are looking for at Haiku Seed Journal (HSJ).

You can simultaneously publish the haiku that you submitted for Haiku Horticulture anywhere else on social media, blogs, other journals, etc. Since we are a new journal trying to grow and reach more haiku readers & writers, we would love it if you post the three haiku you’ve written by mentioning about our journal’s Haiku Horticulture column in your tweet/post.

Submissions: CLOSED

Upcoming Haiku Horticulture submission period: 08 March, 2022 – 14 March, 2022

Copyrights Disclaimer:
  • All featured works are copyrighted to the respective writers. We would love it if you cite being our journal if your work is going to be published elsewhere, no obligations though.
  • Photos used in our journal are taken by and copyrighted to Sankara Jayanth Sudanagunta unless stated otherwise.

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